Benefits of a Vinyl Siding Replacement

As you may know, vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options available. When vinyl siding first became available, it was meant to replace the then-popular aluminum siding. Early vinyl siding quickly earned a bad name for many homeowners since it had a tendency to crack and sag. However, that is simply not the case nowadays. If you choose to have a vinyl siding replacement for your home, you will see some of the biggest benefits associated with vinyl siding.


Vinyl siding is no longer the cheap, plastic product of the past. Thanks to improving technologies, vinyl siding is now manufactured in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures. Vinyl can even be manufactured to mimic the look of cedar shakes, ceramic tile, and more. In the past, vinyl was often only available in white or light-hued colors. With the progression of anti-fade technologies, vinyl siding is now available in endless colors – ranging from your darkest grays to your brightest whites!


Perhaps the biggest reason why vinyl siding is so popular is because it is by far the most affordable house siding option available. In addition, the average lifespan on vinyl siding is about 50 years, which means that you will be getting your money’s worth. According to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value report for 2017 (, a vinyl siding replacement will recoup an average of 76.4% of your investment. This proves that a vinyl siding replacement is a great investment for your home.


If you decide to have a vinyl siding replacement for your home, you will be lucky enough to witness the durability of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is made to withstand the elements – from wind, to rain, to hail. It even has the ability to withstand high winds of more than 200 mph. Additionally, vinyl is resistant to moisture, meaning it is not likely to rust or corrode over time.

Simple Maintenance

A great thing about a vinyl siding replacement is that vinyl is virtually maintenance free. Vinyl siding will never need repainting, which is required for other types of siding. The only maintenance that is required for vinyl siding is an annual cleaning with mild soap and water, which means that the rest of the year leaves time to relax.

Easy to Install

Having a vinyl siding replacement done on your home is a relatively cheap and simple process. This is mainly because vinyl is a lightweight material. Vinyl siding can be installed over existing materials, making it a great retrofit option. As a bonus, since vinyl siding is simple to install it helps to cut down on labor costs.

Bathroom Tile Trends for 2017

We all know that remodeling your bathroom is a great investment for your home. While bathroom renovations may be pricey, you can see a huge pay off and added value to your home if done correctly. Creating an aesthetically pleasing bathroom is all about choosing a working layout, selecting quality materials and appliances, and combining interesting textures, colors, and shapes throughout the room. A great way to incorporate fun shapes and colors are through your tile selection. While subway tiles are a classic, there are many other options available that will be sure to make a statement in any room. Here are some of the top bathroom tile trends for 2017:

Fish Scale Tiles

Fish scale tile is definitely causing a scene in the design world. The ocean-inspired tiles can add a calming element to any bathroom. While we may attribute fish scales with cool greens and blues, fish scale tiles are available in endless colors and sizes. If you want to shy away from too much color, fish scale tiles can be paired easily with more traditional and simple designs by choosing neutral tile and grout colors.

Wood-Look Tiles

While wood look tile may not be a “new” trend, we believe that it is a trend that will continue to climb in popularity in 2017 and beyond. This flooring option is not only popular in bathrooms, it is also becoming more common in kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and more. They are the perfect option for those who love the look of hardwood floors, but hate the upkeep. We recommend installing wood-look tiles in interesting patterns, such as herringbone or chevron, to create interest.

Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles can range from angular patterns with sharp lines, to more curved and floral-like patterns. When paired with simple and classic tiles, graphic tiles add a level of excitement to any space. The variety of shapes, colors, and patterns makes this trend suitable for any design style. One of the biggest trends in geometric design right now are hexagonal tiles; however, other shapes such as triangles, stars, and circles are also chic tile choices. They are a bold choice, yet can be incorporated beautifully in small spurts to avoid overwhelming the space.

Penny Tiles

Penny tile has been on the rise (again) in recent years. They originally debuted in the early 1900’s due to its durability and ease to clean. Penny tiles are typically offered in small circles, also called penny rounds, as well as square and hex shapes. Since they are small, penny tiles can help to make a small bathroom appear larger. As a bonus, penny tiles are a great bathroom tile option since they are relatively easy to install. While they are typically installed in black and white patterns, brighter colors are becoming more popular.